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Hero Scape / Plane Wars

Started by Ron Edwards, July 06, 2001, 11:36:00 AM

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Ron Edwards

Hi there,

I went and did it. We're starting a Planescape game, using the Hero Wars system, or, if you like, we're playing Hero Wars using the Planescape setting.

It's been a big job, but worth it. I have tons of stuff to make available to people who are interested in how I did it so far. For now, I'll say that after reading the main Planescape boxed set, it seemed as if HW was written FOR it - even though we know that's not true. It just fits so amazingly well.

I think that HW is the best system available for playing setting-heavy fantasy with a thematic core, whether it's based on intellect, raw emotion or symbolism, or any combination of the two.


Blake Hutchins

Cool deal. Keep us posted. I'm interested in hearing how your game goes.



joshua neff

Okay, that's it--I'm moving to Chicago.

Planescape is one of my alltime favorite settings. Philosophy, weirdness, subjectivity, conspiracy, Xaositects, & Tony Diterlizzi art--guh fuh wuh gubble gub. I love it. Add in Hero Wars & all I can say is double-fucking-wow.

I'd love to hear about the set-up & how play goes.

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I just have to warn you; thats how I got back into D&D: I followed a message on the Everway board by Quickleaf about using Planescape as a setting for Everway.. the rest is history.

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Peter Seckler
Campaign starting in Columbia, MD, email for details.