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I see no stick for this

Started by TheHappyAnarchist, January 05, 2006, 07:45:44 PM

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It seems odd, but maybe it just comes up in whatever thread.

I just got this game for christmas (thank you secret satan from!!!)

This game is truly revolutionary, and will not only effect the way I run and play it, but the way I run and play every other game ever.
Truly that inspiring and that good. 

Very creative mechanics and work perfectly for setting up the way the game is.   I can't wait to run it a couple of times.

Andrew Morris

Hey, welcome to the Forge! Do you have a question or point of discussion for this thread? Or were you just expressing enthusiasm for Dogs in the Vineyard?
Download: Unistat


When speaking of Dogs in the Vineyard the word I use (to death) is: "Slobberknocker."

I hope that this usage will catch on.
- Brand Robins


Happy A: Thank you! I'm glad you like it.



Not really.  My mouth is just still kind of hanging open after reading it.

The flies are a pain. ;)

Levi Kornelsen

I had the same reaction.

And then I actually started running it.

Trust me on one thing - it starts good.  And just keeps getting better.

Andrew Morris

Yup, DitV is an awesome game. It's in my top two. And, as Levi mentions, it's even better once you start playing it.
Download: Unistat