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Author Topic: [DitV] Clover Fields Branch  (Read 3536 times)

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Harald Wagener - Zurich, Switzerland

« on: January 08, 2006, 04:02:16 AM »

this is my first try at a self-written branch, which I am going to play this afternoon

Clover Fields Branch

Clover Fields is a prospering, big Congregation not far out from Bridal Falls. The pastures are green, the land is fertile. It has is name from the clover that is growing on most of the land. But of course,

Something's Wrong in Clover Fields

Brother Eli is Steward. He is confident that he can lead a branch of 2,000 and have them feed themselves off the land. He is a busy man, and strives to be a good example of the people he wants to have in his branch. He is very unforgiving against those who do not meet his demands.

Brother Jasper is a respected member of the Faith. He went to Clover Fields to followthe call of his old war buddy, Brother Eli. He came with Sister Adah, his first wife, and in his first summer was appointed a second wife, Sister Deborah.


Brother Obadiah lived through hard times. He moved to Clover Fields with his wife, Sister Leah, who died during childbirth, giving her life for her little daughter, Sister Naomi. To ensure house and family would be able to produce, Steward Eli appointed Sister Tamara to maeey Obadiah. This was after Sister Tamara was originally promised to Brother Jairus, the town smith. Steward Eli decided a wife is more needed in the house of a widowed farmer than in the house of the smith.

Sister Adah thinks that Deborah is a reward for her hard work as well as her husband's. She neglects duty and shoves it onto Deborah, who has the impertinence to happily resolve all tasks. Adah does steal a lot of attention from her husband, who begins to neglect Deborah, who in turn fails to become pregnant.

This of course, leads to all sorts of

Sister Tamara and Brother Jairus meet in secret to continue their flowering love (sex). Brother Eli broke the promise given to Brother Jairus (deceit). Brother Obadiah sees Sister Tamara as cheap labor, but not as his wife (faithlessness).

Sister Adah poisons Sister Deborahs food and drink to weaken her (violence). Brother Jasper neglects his 2nd wife (faithlessness). Sister Adah seeks stewardship over Deborah (apostasy).

Demonic Attacks
2a)Sister Tamara falls ill and cannot care for the child or house. Brother Obadiah finds Brother Jairus in Tamara's room and blackmails both: Tamara has to work ill, and Jairus has to work for Obadiah so Obadiah does not tell the Steward (Tamara's father) about the matter (additional sin of disunity).

2b) Jairus and Tamara accept the blackmail.

2a)Brother Amos, a stable hand, tries to help Deborah, and falls for her. He seeks to have her fall for him as well.

2b)Brother Amos is attacked by wild animals working on the field, and needs to be tended to. He is now in the house with Deborah, whom Adah gives the additional task of tending to Brother Amos.

False Doctrine
  • Brother Eli: "The good of the congregation is measured by quantity.If the numbers grow, all is well."
  • Sister Tamarah: "I am not bound to a vow that broke another one."
  • Brother Jairus: "My love is more important than my virtue."
  • Brother Obadiah: "There is no sin where men agreed upon something unanimously."
  • Brother Jasper: "The first wife has stewardship over the others."
  • Sister Adah: "Only mothers count as married wives."
  • Br. Amos: "I just want to help Deborah."

3b) Corrupt Worship:
Steward Eli uses the service to the King of Life to represent quotes and numbers about the congregation, and also uses it to tell his flock to work harder to increase those numbers. This leads to the first families moving out of Clover Fields. Most families stay, but many wonder about the fact that Steward Eli seems to read more out of his cash journal than out of the book of life recently.

3c) Winning over people:
Eli has no trouble winning over Brother Obadiah to his way of thinking. Brother Jairus also tries to secure his position within Clover Fields, but is uneasy and reluctant. Sister Adah sees the numbers thing to be the same as the children thing. We have a

False Priesthood
Steward Eli is the Cult Leader. The Cult is a Cult of Numbers and Growth. Eli is not using Sorcery actively, and hasn't realized yet he can command demons. Brother Obadiah does not realize the power he could wield, or he would do terrible things. Brother Jairus pays lip service, but this is OK for the demons because of Sister Adah. She has dropped the poison in exchange for a demon that robs Deborah of her sleep with deams of Brother Amos. Dirty dreams.

What do the people want from the dogs?

  • Brother Eli: Wants the dogs to praise his prospering community
  • Brother Obadiah: Wants the dogs to approve his doctrine
  • Sister Tamara: Wants the dogs to annul her marriage with Obadiah and remarry her to Brother Jairus
  • Brother Jairus: Wants the dogs to expose Brother Obadiah as the bad husband, father and farmer he is
  • Sister Naomi: Wants to be gently rocked to sleep
  • Brother Jasper: Wants the dogs to tell him what a fine man he is to care for his farm hand Amos
  • Sister Adah: Wants the dogs to exile Deborah
  • Sister Deborah: Wants the dogs to guide her through her troubles

What do the demons want?

  • From the people: Eli to turn to sorcery to fix the numbers. Everyone else would be OK just to kill each other
  • From the dogs: Strengthen Elis position within the community. Kill or exile Deborah. Mark Tamara as a whore

If the dogs never came...

Brother Eli would turn to sorcery to keep his community growing as more and more faithful leave Clover Fields. Tamara would kill Naomi in an attempt to free herself from Obadiah. Jairus would kill Obadiah for driving Tamara to murder. Eli would kill Jairus for killing his daugher's husband. Tamara would kill her father. Adah would kill Deborah in the end by having her work until she drops dead. Jasper would then kill Adah, and himself in shame afterwards.

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