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Author Topic: [Lacuna Part 1] Player Investment  (Read 8383 times)

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« Reply #15 on: January 11, 2006, 08:25:22 AM »

Unfortunately, I felt I was leading the players around by the nose for most of the session. I would describe a scene or situation they could involve themselves in, and I was either met with requests for ideas about what they could do or just a tacit head nod and move on. It may just be the foreign feeling they have with the system, being so new to it. They weren't eager to suggest a course of action and passively agreed to me turning some scenarios into a slide-show.

I hear you when it comes to the slide show phenomenon. Am trying to disrupt this tendency as well. But I think it is just that, a tendency. One thought I had--perhaps it is an insipid one given the level of experience of the members of this forum--is that I have to be very aware of players signalling what they want to see. Thus far, I've been posting for three players who seem very worried about overstepping bounds, whatever they may be. (See Tancred's post upthread). Tancred had, a few posts back, look around nervously too see if anyone had seen his MA stealing. I took this as an indication, a a cry for help. Okay, so, yeah someone saw you stealing and she's headed your way to confront you with it.

The other player Tillman made a similar "search roll" type action. Glanced around to see if there was anything interesting. So, yeah, as a matter of fact you do find something interesting. Because not finding anything just sucks. LACUNA, as I understand it, is a dream. As I understand dreams there is a reason for everything you dream, objects sublimated behind objects. I'm curious to see what the mechanic will be in Second Attempt, not that Jared has annouced doing away with the challenge mechanic. (Unless the replacement is something really cool, I think I will continue to play with the challenge mechanic, so much do I like it).
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #16 on: January 11, 2006, 09:41:28 AM »

Moderator post: Chris (MatrixGamer), that is a show-off, unnecessary post. This thread does not benefit from anyone knowing how well-read you are.

As a rule, whenever you compose a post and find yourself adding "This is probably off-topic, but," or "Sorry for the tangent, but," or anything like that, it should indicate to you that you should not post. Start considering that seriously.

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