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Author Topic: [Darkest Night, Brightest Steel] Primary Character Motivations & Actions, a List  (Read 6162 times)

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« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2006, 10:56:54 AM »

What's a final spotlight scene? How do games support such scenes?

I'm not sure if i can answer this, as i've never played a game that has that kind of support, such as, perhaps, "The Shab al-hiri Roach" and "Primetime Adventures". Somebody else could give you a better answer, but i'll see if i know what i'm visualizing.

A "spotlight scene" is one that focuses on a single character - the character's controller narrates the events and actions concerning that character for the scene. The final such scene usually narrates how the character leaves play, and what that means, if anything - in this case you would be extending that into the narration of a larger "saga".
(I would expect that it is entirely possible to have all the players contribute a scene to each character's saga/epilouge separately. Although i haven't seen if this turns out to be a good thing or not yet, I'm working on it for my Tarot-inspired game.)

My guess is that you can provide support for such an epilouge through the use of an "scene framework" - a sort of flowchart of points that the narrater should cover, or game-fiction events that should be mentioned in the narration. (I'm just making this up as i go.)

These after-game events will then generate victory points which the the player adds to his or her total for the PC.

Interesting. So the big question here is: Is it more rewarding to die in-play, in the time and manner of your choosing (more or less), or to "roll up" an epilouge events?

Right now i'm imagining this looking like the Life Paths (such as in Burning Wheel), but used after the game, instead of before!
Which raises the question - are you going to use Life Paths (of some sort) for character creation as well?

Stefan Dirk Lahr, dreaming the impossible dream
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