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[GLASS] Request for Comments on Cost Balances

Started by David "Czar Fnord" Artman, February 16, 2006, 04:18:18 PM

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David "Czar Fnord" Artman

Walt, I am taking your points on the road: look for a new GLASS thread to try to address some of the sacred cowness. I appreciate your points (I am shifting towards A on your list) but  don't think I am chucking out GLASS's character development, Abilities, or general playstyle just because of a few doubts. I might go for "the next wave of LARP" in another product--I have wrestled with non-contact LARP resolution mechanics, here at the Forge, already--but this product will be released with its current focus, goals, and style (and follow-ups: The GLASS House and some Setting expansions). There's still thousands of players out there who might make use of it; the utility of a portable system is undeniable, in the LARP space.

As for this thread's remaining viability: I still encourage anyone who doesn't now think GLASS is screwed to answer the cost balance questions, in the absence of resolution of my setting, reward, death, and taxes issues (and "is there a God," in my spare time). Take it as given that (a) there will be a FABULOUS system for driving conflicts and inter-player relationships, (b) it will encourage the SIM/GAM style of competitive play that is GLASS's roots and focus, and (c) I will address issues of playability and marketability.

I really do just need different eyes to find over-powered or under-powered Abilities, at this point. In particular, Question 4 and Extra Credit **. (Question 3 is resolved by a rule change; see above.)

I do not think this thread should be closed, yet, but I would like it back closer to its tracks.

(See you on the other thread, Walt.)
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Walt Freitag

Fair enough, David. I'll see you at the new thread. (But perhaps not right away; I'll try to be less overbearing there and I'm hoping others will join in with creative ideas.)

As for this thread... David's system document (pdf) is very readable and the cost formulas are laid out pretty clearly, and it follows fairly familiar Champions/Hero System lines. Anyone with experience with contact LARP or with Champions/Hero or similar tabletop play experience (or both) should be able to give David good additional feedback on the cost balances.

- Walt
Wandering in the diasporosphere

David "Czar Fnord" Artman

New GLASS Mechanic, for cost considerations:

Term: Scope - A Scope represents a limitation or specialization of a Ability that maps to some arbitrary element, class, or type of game world effect. When designing a game, GMs will choose three--and only three--Scopes for the game world. These Scopes can be anything in terms of "flavor" but they should be evocative and reflect the game world. A base Ability is assumed to affect or resist all Scopes by default; but some GMs will not allow an Ability to be bought without a Scope.

For example, a fantasy game world might choose Physical, Magical, and Spiritual Scopes. A modern game might opt for Cutting, Smashing, and Energizing. A far future game might choose Energetic, Biological, and Cybernetic.

Limitation: Scoped - (Offensive, Combat, and Defensive Abilities ONLY) The Ability is characterized by a particular game world Scope. It is only applicable to effects or resistances with the same Scope or with no Scope. The player must add the Scope term after the normal Call for the Ability (ex: Harm 3 Scoped to Fire would have a Call of "3 Fire!"). -2

Disadvantage: Vulnerability - Choose one Scope; the character suffers double effects from that Scope. X Experience (X is TBD based on Starting Experience--probably will be a factor if it)

This system basically allows for GMs to have a rock, paper, scissors interrelationship of effects, thus satisfying a certain desire for tactical decision making in GLASS. If that tactical focus is paramount in the game or game world, the GMs might well require every applicable Ability to have a Scope Limitation.

Scopes are limited to three to minimize granularity of effects and to maintain character portability. It doesn't really matter what the Scopes are, as a character moves from game-to-game, so long as their Scoped Abilities are consistently mapped to the new game world's Scopes in a 1:1 relationship.

Thoughts on this addition? Does it provide useful nuance, or does it needlessly complicate the game and make more noise?
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David "Czar Fnord" Artman

THREAD IS CLOSED: Costs are all different, as are the points of contact and some applicabilities.

Please direct future attention to this thread:
[GLASS] System Test Document v1.0 (beta)

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