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[Sorcerer]Day of Dupes

Started by Peter Nordstrand, February 12, 2006, 11:51:59 AM

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Lisa Padol

Quote from: Peter Nordstrand on February 16, 2006, 11:42:04 AMLisa, does this address some of your concerns as well?

Yah. Boils down to what I've said for years, in Alarums and Excursions and elsewhere: Talk to your players. Talk to your gm. Talk to each other. Talk.


Lisa Padol

I think another way to put the whole mystery thing is: It's fine to have mysteries. It's just that the players and PCs don't have to solve them per se.


Jonas Ferry

Peter, yes, that last post was very helpful. I can be clearer on what I want out of the conflict and you can be clearer on the possible consequences of success and failure.

I really enjoyed the DVD power-point presentation, and I don't think that the other two guys laughed because they thought it was silly but because they were surprised. I was impressed. The only negative thing was that we only had one chance to see everything as it passed by on the screen. If we had had papers in front of us we could have focused more on things that looked cool. The character portraits you've found is a nice touch, as it's much easier to picture people that way.

I'm looking forward to the next session this Tuesday, and I'll make you all halloumi carbonara. See you then. Peter.
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Bill Cook

Quote from: Ron Edwards.. the pacing of how information becomes explicit is simply, clearly set by the players' direct interactions with the NPCs and perhaps with one another.

Man, is that helpful. It's the middle ground put succinctly.