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Started by Tommi Brander, April 14, 2006, 09:37:43 AM

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Tommi Brander

Quote from: Ron Edwards
I like the idea of every character being composed of the same traits, because that leads me to think that different people will combine the traits in different ways. Is that right? Everyone will really learn about one another, because of each person's individual expression or combination of the same traits?
That is exactly true.

I do not know how boring the process is. No playtesting yet.

Dav, this is not a complete game. Only one aspect of it. I will post more stuff, hopefully soon.


I would say, then, to finish the initial manuscript and idea, then take a look at the whole.  To design a system, piecemeal, and ask for advice outside of context doesn't allow for relevant feedback.  Start with explaining the character(s), and the players roles regarding those characters.  Then explain the core conflict presented by the premise of your game.  THEN descirbe your system, and how that system reinforces (through reward, tension, risk-behavior, what-not) and drives the first two points.  Right now, I think the general problem would be that your aren't telling us what you want your game to be about and to do.  World-building is nice, but it isn't a game, that's a setup. 

In essence: before anyone can realistically give adequate feedback, they must be sold on some concept of your game.  What is your pitch?