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BW website broken?

Started by talysman, February 21, 2006, 02:05:02 PM

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I just tried using both Firefox and Internet Explorer to access the Burning Wheel site, and it seems that most of the dynamic (PHP) pages return just a blank page. Specifically, I clicked on the link in the previous thread here about the demo downloads, and it showed a blank page. Going directly to and clicking on Downloads or News gets the same result, although I can view the Forums fine. Static content pages also work fine.

I don't think I am the only one, either, because I was at DunDraCon this weekend and was in a demo (The Heist.) The GM spent about 24 hours trying to access the site from the hotel so that he could download and print the character sheets, but couldn't do so. He wound up asking someone else to email him the character sheets.
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Looks like some l33t d1xxor has taken the main site down again.  The forums still seem to be intact, as is the wiki:


hacked again!

I'm not putting the news site back up this time. You're just going to have to suffer for a few months without the downloads. I have no time for this shit.

alternately, you can start rebuilding the downloads page via the Wiki -- which was the plan. Contact Iskander on the boards/wiki to do the actual uploading.


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The uploads of the PDFs will get done, somehow. The Summoning and Abstraction chapters have been posted for a while. The News section is now replaced by the News section of the Wiki.


I'll get started on restoring all the uploads tomorrow. I'm having PC problems of my own today.

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