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[PuCLN,Valladolid] A Forge's indie-games track in a Spanish national convention

Started by Arturo G., March 15, 2006, 08:30:47 AM

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Arturo G.

PuCLN -- Convivencias Lúdicas Nacionales

A big Spanish national games-convention is going to hold place in Valladolid (Spain) this year. Dates: 13 -- 16 of July.

The convention will include RPGs (table-top and live-action -- at least one in a real Castillian middle-ages castle), board games, tournaments, exhibitions of fencing and martial arts, chess, concerts, workshops, tourist tours, and many, many other things. The organization expects around 15 hundred attendees from outside Valladolid, and more than 5 thousand people attracted to the event (I think no fee is needed to be paid to come into the main meeting place).

I have contacted the organization and we have agreed to organize a small Forge's indie-games show-track.
As far as we know, it will be the first time in a Spanish convention. I would like to title it including "The Forge" name, to try to attract people who has heard about it, or even has read some post here, but has never played a Forge-like game.

The regular game sessions at PuCLN take around 4 hours. I'm planing to organize at least three sessions, perhaps four. People are used to full sessions more than to quick shows, but I want to introduce more than 3-4 games. My first idea, which may change, was to try:

Session 1.
    PtA demostration: 2 hours
    Universalis demostration: 2 hours

Session 2.
    DitV, a full 4 hours session (chargen + 1 simple city)

Session 3.
    InSpectres, perhaps 2 quick missions: 2 hours
    Polaris demostration: 2 hours

Session 4. ??
    Perhaps a full session of MlwM. It is not ideal to try to finish it in one session, but I'm sure this game may attract a lot of attention during play.


Of course, if any Forgizen wants to do some tourism in the north-west of Spain during July and want to show-up at PuCLN, we will be very happy to wellcome you and try to help you arrange everything.