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Power Of The Wake (RPG)

Started by Zircon Senshi, April 17, 2002, 11:32:58 PM

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Zircon Senshi

This rpg will be kinda like the anime Blue Submarine 6, and focus on a race rather than humans, but look exactly the same.
Note: A Vykozen is human in appearance, and can vary in size, hair color, breast size, etc. But they can fly, fire ki/energy blasts and control one elemental power.

Like all creatures, evolution and technology have gotten the best of us. We as a society have grown soft and weak...
Dr. Tolkien has decided that humanity doesn't deserve what they have, so it's time to wipe the slate clean.
3052, the polar icecaps were melted; flooding the lands world wide. Few islands remained, and most people began forming cities atop the water. The world has disolved all borders, and formed a single society. ALL people were pulled into the military, and those who refused were set out into the vast sea.

3079, sharks swarmed the island of La Ze, killing all Vykozens in site. From that point on, genetically enhanced sea creatures would swarm the surface about once a month, destroying what ever they wanted.
Tolkien had created hundreds of these creatures, they would breed and spawn many children. He was a god to them all, the only human that deserved to live. They were brilliant creatures, not just on a genetic level. They were as smart and wise as a Vykozen; but just different....

The people hated Tolkien for what he had done to the planet, and hated him even more for these "monsters" he had made.
So they began fighting back, and training their powers to combat the creatures. They soon found out though, that the creatures weren't powerless, and were fully capable of doing anything they could.

There's the plot, its not hard to work with. You
are either a military person for the Vykozen
"army", an outcast, or a creature from the
You guys can do almost anythin u want with
this, but dont copy Blue Submarine 6, I just
made a similer plot, dont copy exactly. Also,
dont post a bio, just talk about what your
character looks like, acts, etc, all that stuff;
explain it in your post.
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Ferry Bazelmans

Hi there and welcome to the Forge.

I'm guessing the name of the forum has led you to believe this is the forum to do some "Actual Play"ing in. Unfortunately, it isn't.

This forum is to discuss your experiences during this actual play and perhaps your realizations or questions that may have come up.

Feel free to stick around and take a look at some of the other threads here to get a feel for the forum.

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