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Author Topic: Beer and Pretzels RPG (literally)  (Read 3177 times)
Matt Steflik

Posts: 35

« on: April 30, 2002, 05:20:44 PM »

Hey there -

Still messing about with Cola Wars, but a comment at the tail end of the CW thread regarding an "RPG drinking game" got me thinking.  This is very rough and lacking any sort of detail, but I'd like to hear what y'all think.

B&P RPG (Beer and Pretzels Role Playing Game)

A six-pack of beer (bottles or cans) for each player.
A few bags/bowls of pretzels (small sticks or nuggets work best)
Scrap paper and something to write with

As a group, choose a basic scenario setup and a player to start the scenario.  Each player makes a character, coming up with a basic concept that fits the scenario.  With their concept in mind, each player should rate their attributes: Brains, Brute, and B.S.. You have 21 (gotta add up to 21 to drink) points to split up between the three stats.  There must be at least one point in every stat.  Each player scribbles this info on their scrap paper (beer coaster, cocktail napkin, place mat).

Each player opens a beer.  The starting player (current GM) begins the scenario, with other players roleplaying their characters.  When a situation occurs that requires a test of skill, the player needing to make the check grabs a small handful of pretzels (closed fist) and the player currently running the scenario calls "even" or "odd".  The player that grabbed then opens his hand and counts the number of pretzels.  If the outcome is equal or less than his relative stat and is the same as what the GM called (even or odd), he succeeds in the action.  If it's greater than his relative stat or the opposite of what the GM called (even or odd) he fails.

If the check is combat related, both GM and player grabs a small handful of pretzels and the initiator (one who started the combat) calls "even" or "odd".  If the defender's result is the same, the attack is dodged.  If the result is opposite, the attack succeeds.  Compare the results to determine a difference.  This value is the damage of the attack.  If the one being damaged is a GM "mook", the GM will usually just count the mook as out of commission.  If the one being damaged is a player, this damage is taken in the form of swigs of their open can of beer. When a can is empty, it is kept in front of the player.  Each empty can counts against the maximum number of pretzels a player may grab for skill and combat checks.

Each player can use their bottle caps/ pull tabs for different effects.  Throwing out a bottle cap or pull tab can produce one of the following effects:
1.  Change the result of a call from odd to even, or from even to odd.
2.  Gain GM control.

When a player empties a can and opens a new one, he gains automatic GM control. When a player has emptied all 6 of his cans, he is effectively out of the scenario.  The player gets to describe his character's exit.
Matt Steflik

Posts: 35

« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2002, 06:24:44 PM »

Well, after "playtest" with an action movie scenario this evening the following changes came up:

1.  Remove "change odd to even..." ability from tabs and bottle caps.  You can now do that by simply taking a healthy chug from your open can.  Its more fun this way.  If its a contest between two players, they have the option to keep swilling until someone conceeds.

2.  Add a new abilty to tabs and bottle caps: "You can throw out a bottle cap or tab to replace an empty in front of you with a full can/bottle -not- from your original 6 pack but from your own beer supply (for folks that come with more beer and want to play longer)".  If you don't have extra beer outside your six pack, but manage to bum a beer off another player, you need to give them the tab/bottle cap from it.

Interesting side note: A mass damage attack that affected the whole group (a grenade going off in this case) was accompanied by one player raising his beer with a grin and declaring "Social!"

Oh yeah...one more thing.  If happen to grab a broken pretzel (or happen to break a pretzel by "grabbing too hard" (-chuckle-), it gets counted as a full pretzel (we called it the "parts is parts" ruling).

Not a lot of plot continuity, but it sure was fun!  Individual mileage may vary, but I'd love to hear any comments.
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