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[Hierarchy] Comments and errata for version 2 rules

Started by Arturo G., March 29, 2006, 09:42:53 PM

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Arturo G.

Hi, Troy!

I have been reading the rules again, very carefully this time. Thus, some questions and details have arisen.

1) Obsolete details in examples:
1.1) Spending honor: Masahoro spends 1 point of honor to improve his sword asset. But in the table it is said he must spend 2 points to improve an asset that is not new.
1.2) Bidding and matching: Yamachi (NPC) and Masahoro have different honor values. Now it is said twice in the rules that an NPC has always the same Honor value as the PC.

2) Healing. I have not got it. I think there are some complicate considerations here.

2.a) If someone has a healing asset she recovers from all her wounds after finishing: (a) the conflict; or (b) the quest?
If the PC is injured during uprising, she recovers... after finishing the uprising?

2.b) If the PC has NOT a healing asset, and is injured during uprising, does she begin the next quest injured? What happens if she is incapacitated?
If during the quest she is incapacitate, she is forced to leave the quest. Does this count as "sitting out" the quest? Does she recover from injury? If not, when may she recover?

Comment: There is a really big difference between having or not a healing asset. I can imagine everyone buying such asset as soon as possible.

3) In "Earning Honor" section it is said that people involved in the quest gain 1 Honor point if it is successful. But at the end of "The Climax" section says everyone gets 2 Honor points.

I would say the second option is better. With the first option I have the feeling that the game may move too slowly. There are very few points of honor to be gained on each quest, and you need to spend them to get expensive assets and stats.
Anyway, we will see it in playtesting.



Heya Arturo,

Thanks for pointing all that out!  Sometimes when doing a revision, internal consistency suffers. I appreciate it very much.  I've made all the changes and corrections that you mentioned.  I'm working on getting the quest info that Ben suggested implemented even now.  Hopefully I'll get a revised version posted tonight.  If you have any further questions, let me know :)