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Started by Ian Charvill, April 05, 2006, 06:00:17 AM

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Ian Charvill

The straightforward version is Murderball is a documentary about quadriplegic rugby, the rivalry between the Canadian and US teams in the run up to the Athens Paralympics and quadriplegia in general.

What's it is as well, is probably the best study of testosterone, competition, winning, losing, and masculine self-identity that I've seen.  Why I'm posting this here, is that if you're interested remotely in step on up you will learn things of deep and lasting value from this movie.

It also stands as a corrective to My Life With Master's 'Less Than Human'.

Ian Charvill

Larry L.

¡Muy Macho!

(If you don't get the joke... don't worry about it.)

I haven't seen Murderball, but I'm hoping to at some point.

Ian Charvill

I've seen the thread over at StoryGames.  Some of the guys on the documentary make muy macho look milquetoast.  Particularly the Canadian coach; the Canadian coach makes the drill sargeant out of Full Metal Jacket look milquetoast.

The only reasons I can think of not to watch it are: testosterone allergy; excessive squeamishness about handicapped people.  Although b is, actually I think, probably the strongest reason to watch it.

Ian Charvill


I loved this movie. The coolest part was watching the young kid who had just been injured, when he saw the murderballers and the light came back on in his eyes.

Ian Charvill

Yeah, it's cool when the motorcross guy is trying to persuade the physio that it would be ok if they rammed each other in the hospital.

It might be a testosterone thing, but I'd try Murderball out given the chance.  It looks like a cool thing to do, regardless of anything about the circumstances.
Ian Charvill

Jason Morningstar

I work with people with disabilities every day and have learned to utterly despise "inspirational cripple" stories. I approached Murderball with trepidation. 

Murderball is not an inspirational cripple story.  Three out of two thumbs up - one of my favorites. 

Ian Charvill


I have a disability and I understand where you're coming from.  To be heavy about it, patronising someone (or a group of people) is just a way of asserting that you're more powerful than them.  You're right that Murderball doesn't close to doing that.

Ian Charvill


I completely agree, the movie is awesome.

And I would bring up the veterans' hospital, but even though that was a powerful part for me, I'm loathe to even bring that can of worms out of the basement, not to mention open it up.