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Television Entertainment: What's your poison?

Started by greyorm, April 07, 2006, 07:53:20 AM

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Darren Hill

Quote from: Mike Holmes on April 07, 2006, 04:29:07 PM
I've watched a lot of Dr. Who. For the moment, I'm watching to see if the new show captures the magic of the old one. Right now, I have this feeling that the low budget effects are an homage to the original show - but that would be missing the point. Then at times they do turn on the new effects, and concentrate on fun twists. So I have hope for it. Just not sure you can make lightning, mostly you just have to wait for it to strike. Nostalgia alone certainly won't cut it.

I'm not in complete agreement with talysman. Episodes 1-3 are good, though the priogramme makers are still finding their feet. But episodes 4 and 5 are just dire. I almost switched off - those few special moments talysman mentioned are all that kept me watching. Fortunately, after that, the season really takes off.
I don't know how big Buffy and Lost were/are in the states, but this new Dr Who has completely taken over its time slot on British TV - it's broken into the mainstream in a way that no other genre show has. (Not even Star Trek, at its height.) And deservedly so.

My top viewing (in no particular order):
Dr Who
Veronica Mars
House, MD
Lost (though for the same reason as Walt, I expect my interest level to wane)
Deadwood (I, too, love the language, and the pacing, though I did think the 2nd season might be showing signs of losing its way a bit)
Green Wing
and lots of documentaries
Also, any B-Movie scifi or horror that happens to be showing, especially pre-80's.

Joel P. Shempert

OK, I really don't catch much on live TV. I tune in Cartoon network on occasion, and I must say Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited are both fucking awesome. I thoght TT seemed too trite when it first aired, but it matured like crazy and has me totally sucked in when I can catch it.

And Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is supercool. I can't express enough what a work of perfection it is.

on the "caught it on DVD" list are:

Firefly, love it, wish there was more. Never got the Buffy appeal, but this and Astonishing X-Men have me kissing Joss's feet. Dunno what Ron's on about, by the way, doesn't strike me as slow. Haven't watched Serenity yet, looking forward to it.
Smallville. When this show is good, it is GOOD. I've only seen the first two seasons, but there are a bunch of Season 2 episodes that had me stunned. Lex is the shit. I want him to grow up to rule the world.
Alias. OK, actually I was following this one o TV for its first 3 seasons; I need to get the DVDs to catch up. The spy stuff is formulaic, sure, but the character dynamics are off the hook. Jack Bristow is also the shit.
on the lighter side, The Tick and Greg the Bunny. Both woefully maligned shows, as in cancelled in their prime. And though they ARE "light" in tone, I daresay they do better character development than many serious shows (Tick especially). Hell, I'd say they're perfect PTA models of issue-driven storylines, puppets or tights notwithstanding. Same goes for Foster's, now I come to think of it.

OK, that's all I can think of. I'll shut up now.
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Shit, my poison list these days is short, but only due to lack of cable/Sattelite(due to my evil sister).

I love any and all comedies, ALL of them, seriously. Scrubs, Just kill me, King of Queens, Everybody loves Ray, Friends, whatever.
I love almost all cartoons, Freakazoid, Oggy and the Cockroaches, The Tick.
Good shows I actually get on the two channels that are My Soul, as in, disturb me in watching them and DIE!:
CSI, I hated Miami but I grew to like it, NYC is only in its first 5 seasons, so undecided yet. Grissom is GOD.
Law and Order and Special Victims Unit.
Las Vegas.
And yes, that channel keeps giving us law stuff. Also BBC things and miniserieses when they're on.
The West Wing(I adore it).
StarGate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, we're lagging behind the USA. I love how the show rewards those that watched all previous episodes and even makes referances as far back as season 1.

I love Anime.
Naruto(Till it got to the Filler junk).
Bleach(Oh fuck yes!)
There are many limited shows that I like, but well, they're really short, I also have about 200 unwatched episodes of anime.

I also have a vast DVD collection, thanks to mom and Amazon. Also, got stuff off the net, half of it I didn't have time to watch.
Did you notice how easy and fast it is to get stuff? So much that you actually do not have the time to watch it all.
Gilmore Girls I loved when it was on TV, we have up to season 4 but I don't have time to watch it.
Firefly is good clean fun.
Got Buffy 1-7, didn't have time to watch 4-7 yet.
Deadwood, didn't watch yet, wanting to real hard.
Arrested Development.
Need to get Futurama.
Need to get mom to buy Nikita. I will kill for this series, abso-fucking-brilliant and keeps you in, if you can watch the whole episode and not get tired in the middle.
Need to get Angel now that I've reached season 4, let's be honest. I love Angel a lot more than Buffy, it's like Batman and Superman.
Monk and House intrigue me.
Got the first season of DP9, used to love this show on TV so much.

I'm sure I forgot a lot, yes, I'm a very poisoned boy.
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HBO has most of the best shows--Rome, Deadwood, Sopranos, in that order of goodness. Though Sopranos has lost most of its appeal. There's no reason to watch shows about assholes if they don't have redeeming qualities, and Tony's lost his.

Speaking of, Lost has lost its appeal, too. The characters are now inconsistent and badly written to fit the plot (Locke especially). Too much stuff that was thrown in for kicks never turned out in any meaningful way.

Veronica Mars, though, still kicks ass. One of the best second seasons of any good show.

BSG, yes, of course, though they took some turns that were too easy.

Used to watch 24, but was never as into it after season 2.

For comedy that kicks my ass, Bill Maher leads the pack, followed by the Colbert Report and the Daily Show.

And thanks to Aidan, I get to see Blue's Clues, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Teletubbies. I actually enjoy the old Blue's Clues episodes with Steve; he's great at slipping in expressions and little jokes that only the adults will get.