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Started by Jack Spencer Jr, July 12, 2001, 01:05:00 PM

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Jack Spencer Jr

Recently read the review of SOAP and I'm distrubed by how close it is in some respects to a concept I've been woring on.

Bloody close.

I'll have to read it carefully to see what sort of things I probably should consider incorporating into my game while not directly pilfering Crayne's design.

On a more general note on the review section, there is one thing that can improve it:  more.  More reviews.

Ron Edwards

I appreciate the sentiment. Of course, in order for me to review a game, it must be (1) creator-owned and (2) played by me and others.

So that lets out Toon, Talislanta, Unknown Armies, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and several other games I've played in the last six months, due to #1. It also lets out Multiverser and several other indie games, because I haven't played them yet (#2). On the other hand, I *should* review Dead Meat, and would, if Sean were to make it publicly available ...

I strongly suggest that Ghost Light is a good candidate for you as well, at least to address this whole player/character thing further. GL is more "traditional" in design, but its resolution system allows for extensive authorial power and creativity.



To nitpick, UA is sorta creator-owned, in that it belongs to John and Greg, and licenced to Atlas-Games. That's not indie per se.

Ron Edwards


I know. UnderWorld (Synister Creative Systems) and Unknown Armies (Atlas) represent one step across the line in the sand I drew to define "indie" to myself. Hero Wars (Issaries) and Orkworld (Wicked Press) would be one step within that boundary.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me about it. That happens to be where my line gets drawn.

Back to discussing the Soap review, though ... any thoughts on it?


Jack Spencer Jr

Here's a question, I asked my wife who watches such things and she says most daytime soaps run about an hour.

Expanding the time limit would obviously change how the session goes, but would it be worth it.

The wife also points out a difference between daytime and nightime soaps.  Some form of add-on to show this difference in-game would add a layer if we could think of something to do this. (Although the main difference she gives is reruns.  Daytime soaps rarely if ever rerun.)

I'm still undecided on Ron's assessment on the scoring system with the plot tokens.  I do think Crayne should check out the 7th Sea thread on Actual Play for ideas on that.