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Author Topic: Kazaa, Piracy & Your PDF game  (Read 14119 times)

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« Reply #30 on: July 13, 2006, 11:25:19 PM »

Just searching through here, I realize it is three years old but I thought there was a good thought here which I could repeat. It was what I was told by three Gaming companies but I also used co-own a marketing/publishing company which published phone books. We purposely had to make sure there was over 75 pages to prevent people just going on our website and printing it out. My partner stole $10,000 and moved off and so the company fell apart. That still doesn't stop the truth:

For game designers that are particularly concerned about piracy, I have a suggestion.  Make your game bigger.  A high page count is likely to deter most pirateers.  Without a cable modem downloading would be bad enough, but printing out a 100 or 200 page PDF is pretty cost prohibitive to most people aswell.  I have access to a laserprinter and can print pretty much any number of pages for free, but I consider printing, hole punching and binding 200+ pages to be too big of a pain in the ass to bother with.  The time and effort saved is worth the 20 bucks to go out and buy the professionally printed version.

Ron Edwards
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« Reply #31 on: July 14, 2006, 03:28:33 AM »

Do not post to older threads.

In this case, you've caused some serious problems, because the really old threads are not splittable.

Please start a new thread with your post; just re-type it.

Best, Ron
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