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Author Topic: Alliances  (Read 6849 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 18, 2006, 05:23:31 AM »

If your future strategy relies upon people trusting that you will do what they thought you would do then you probably better not undermine that.

If your future strategy relies upon people being utterly terrified to let you have control of a conflict because there's no knowing what you might narrate then maintaining a reputation for scary randomness can be all to the good.

I generally go somewhere in the middle ... getting across the idea that when I've said I'll do something I will, by God, do it but that when I haven't made any promises and I have that look in my eyes, all bets are off.

I totally don't buy any argument that there is some unspoken context to the games that makes some actions "dirty pool."  I do believe that I've got a section in the book specifically talking about "abusing the system" and how I heartily approve of it on all levels.

Stephan - Paper Cut (a magneto villain with the power over paper)

Mmmmm ... Paper Masters.  That would have set me off on a whole chain of associations in-game.

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