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Thor Blogs about Burning Empires

Started by Luke, July 26, 2006, 06:10:28 PM

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Thor's writing an article about the production of BE on his blog:

Scroll down for Part 1. (Damn chronological blogs)

Thor Olavsrud

You can find Part I here

Part II is now posted as well.


Matt Machell

That's some awesome posting, right there.

Vikurai - it's so true.


Thor Olavsrud

Thor Olavsrud

Part V, the final post in the series, is now live.


Thanks, Thor for taking the time to post all of that; I've provided links to your blog for all of the potential designers and writers at the few forums that I frequent.  With so many partnerships in the industry that seem to have turned out so poorly like GoO's AGoT and Decipher's LotR, it's really great to hear about such a great success.  It's even better when the news concerns my favorite system.  I particularly like Chris Moeller's post on the BW Forum concerning the game.  Congratulations!
Tony Hamilton

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Jason Coplen

Thanks for the info. Now I have something else to get....


Don't miss the commentary, either - especially Chris Moeller's comments on the process from his perspective.
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