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Inappropriate actions

Started by boredoom, July 27, 2006, 02:14:56 PM

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The thread about double-targeting of actions brings up another question: what do I do as GM if a player declares an action that is inappropriate to the stated goal? Say both characters in the conflict have the goal of killing the other, but when the chips are revealed, one of them turns out to be using his Gigolo aptitude to seduce the other. Is it time then to redefine the stakes ("I want to seduce her. Then maybe I'll kill her later"), should the conflict be done over, or is that action forfeit?

I guess this doesn't come up much once the players get the gist of the mechanics, but if the players are dense, it might be a continuing problem.

Brennan Taylor

Actions should be aimed, even obliquely, at the declared stakes. Actions that have nothing to do with the stakes are, as you say, inappropriate. I think this is relatively clear, and I've never had trouble with it. The other players should throw things at the player who tries to take an inappropriate action. I'll add that to the rules. :)