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[Drifter's Escape] and [Agon] Audio recordings from Gen Con 2006

Started by LordSmerf, August 16, 2006, 11:39:17 PM

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These are recordings from a pair of after-hours games played at the Embassy Suites at Gen Con this year.  Both of them happened in the lobby, so there's an appreciable amount of background noise.  You can still hear the games in question, but it's less than optimal.  Both files are 32kbps mp3s, and both are between 30 and 40 MB.  If you want a 320kbps lossless version (significantly larger) do let me know.  Especially if you have cool software that can automagically removed background noise.

Sadly I failed to record what may have been the single most educational (for me) game of the con, which was a playtest of Jonathan Walton's Avatar: the Last Airbender game on Thursday night, but these were both fun and well worth sharing.

Drifter's Escape (2 hours).  Friday night Ben Lehman grabbed me, Brennan Taylor, and Carrie (who's last name I have, embarrasingly, forgotten) for a playtest.  Ben played the Devil, I played the Bystanders, Brennan played the Drifter, and Carrie played the Man.  The session was fun, and densely packed.  Unfortunately my battery died right as the session ended so there's none of the amazingly good post-game discussion recorded.

Agon (2.5 hours).  Saturday night Jonathan Walton ran Agon (and he talked about this session a bit in his post-con review of Agon) for Ian Burton-Oakes, myself, Selene Tan, and Shreyas Sampat.  It was definitely fun, if flawed.  You can see the pure genius beating at the very center of the game, and it'll only take a tiny amount of work to chip off the few flaws and have purely distilled fun left over.  We took a break in the middle of the game, and I paused the recording.  Unfortunately I forgot to start it up again after we started play for fifteen or twenty minutes.  So that's why there's a gap in there.  Still, I think that, overally, the recording is pretty illustrative of how the game went.  We all had fun, but I think we all could have had even more fun.

People involved in these games...  Speak up!  What worked for you, what are your thoughts.  People listening, same thing.  As for myself, I still haven't had a chance to listen to them again, so I have no idea what my thoughts are going to be after being reminded of all the stuff I selectively failed to remember.  But I bet it'll be interesting.

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