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[Vice!] [Discordia] [The Pool] and other stuff...

Started by Steven Stewart, August 18, 2006, 07:11:24 AM

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Steven Stewart

Well, not sure where to post, so I think that first thoughts is always a good place if you can't find another one.

I am still working on the Big Idea, and have been playtesting in house, (see this thread ---> but I got another idea in my head that has been screwing it up and it has fallen to the second page. So I had to clear the registers (of my brain), and went ahead and wrote it up and put it on my blog Blam!Design.

It is based on the Pool, and is an add on. While the full details are here, I know that it will be a while before I ever to get playtest it. But it had to get out, I mean out of my head and into some physical space so I could start working on my game again. I post it here, because if even one person decides they can use something from it or it sparks an idea for them, at least it is not wasted time. I am of course interested in comments, but more importantly any specific aspects on the Fall, Redemption, and Vice mechanic that are an add-on to the The Pool concerning how they would work in the game. And if any other souls [no pun intended] want to play it, I would love to hear about it.

Discordia will be brought online as it is completed which should be very soon, as I want to go back and ride my unicorn giraffes.

Vice! (exclamation point in Honor of Paul Tevis and his promise to look at any game with a ! in the title) is the system add-on, and Discordia is the setting. What is Vice!  Discordia? A game about temptations and redementation, and for Discordia (the allogory Dante-esque setting for Vice compromised of Lost Souls and Angels) about trying to know GOD, the concept of sin being the state of not knowing or listening to the living god vs. the often qouted version of sin being doing bad shit.

And if I lost you, well, just think of the fun you can have making a MOV, not a monolouge of victory, but a monolouge of vice!

Again thanks to Ben L for the reconcilliation with labors of love (aka got me excited about gaming again), James for the awsome game the Pool, and Ron for his kind words "screw 'em".

Cheers from Tokyo,

"Reach out your hand if your cup be empty, if your cup is full may it be again"

Ron Edwards


First, I want to commend you for compartmentalizing your inspirations. It's a hard call - sometimes, during game design, I say, "Holy crap, I'm throwing it all out because I just figured out this New Thing which is totally much better," and then other times, I say, "Wow, what a great new idea, better write it down in completely different notebook and put it way Over There so it doesn't distract me from the current task." When is either one the right way to go? Who can tell?

Second, you must run, not walk, to hook up with Paul Czege through email for further discussion, because this is his sort of game, lock stock and barrel. If you haven't seen Bacchanal yet, you should get it right away. But the dialogue is what I'm really recommending. He knows this kind of play better than nearly anyone.

Best, Ron