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Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this or not. Matt and I would like to extend an invitation to host pictures of GenCon and all its craziness on Flames Rising.

If interested, send me your pics to Please indicate how you would like credit for your pics. I have the ability to put text on the photos and would be more than happy to give credit where credit is due--or even put this site on it.



Here's my photos from GenCon:

Robert Bohl:
Did anyone get any pictures of the drow in blackface?

God that made my stomach turn every time I saw them.

Hi Rob,

You can check those out on flickr.  Just look for GenCon & Drow.   I'm having several heated discussions on that topic right now.  Though, I am going to say this: I did walk up and ask one of them if they knew the history of blackface and she nodded.  I think we need more social pressure to let folks know this isn't acceptable.


Robert Bohl:
I know they are only intending to be drow, and I am sure what they're doing is innocent and accidental, but I manage to have little tolerance for something that is so offensive and hurtful to so many people, and such a part of our culture that I feel they ought to know better.


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