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Author Topic: Changes to Positioning  (Read 1637 times)

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« on: August 20, 2006, 09:21:21 AM »

I think the new rule for winners of Positioning getting to shift two range bands is a good one.  But I think it needs a balancing option.

It would be fairly easy to stat up an NPC with a high Cunning (for setting inital range) and Athletics (for positioning) with Ambush (for that crucial initial position roll), and Swift.  Arm him with a bow and high AIM (and maybe powers like Multistrike and Poison) and have a nearly unbeatable NPC.  Unbeatable in the sense that sword and spear wielding heroes will almost never be able to close...especially if the NPCs minions also help push the heros back.  The Heroes would have to engage in a bow duel, or burn lots of resources just to close.

How about a "Charge" option as a special manuever.  Instead of making an attack, the hero may Charge.  Roll Attack dice vs. target's Name+Athletics.  Each Victory moves the Hero 1 range band closer to the target.  By basing the roll on Attack dice, the hero will likely wind up with a weak defense (in order to maximize Charge effectiveness), thus making himself vulnerable to attack.  if the hero loses, each victory gives a bonus positioning token to the target for the following exchange.

This maneuver could also replace the current "Flee" maneuver and work in reverse to increase the range.

Just a thought that occured to me as I'm currently working up a bow wielding NPC designed to keep Heroes out of melee range...and the new Positioning rule on the FAQ makes that much easier.

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