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Terran Praesidium Seeking Playtesters

Started by sabakakrazny, September 29, 2006, 04:34:13 AM

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The Terran Praesidium, a science fiction game setting to be published by Avenger Games is now moving forward! What does this mean to the rest of the world?

As we start to examine the realities of moving forward I am looking at Phase Two of development –

I am looking to develop the metaplot of the setting as it will be presented in the future products – an exciting time!

I am looking for Playtesters and plot development advisors – but this isn't an open playtest. NDAs will be required of all participants, and applicants will be screened.

What I am looking for is Playtesters/advisors that can provide expert advise and input. Serious enquiries only, please.

Group Playtesters – must be prepared to present the material to a gaming group, provide feedback and continuous reports of group play progress. All materials will be restricted to the Tests GM and his group. NDAs are required from all participants and feedback forms for the individual players will be provided.

Setting Playtesters – beyond the current team, there are very limited openings. Applicants will be expected to provide the following –

Academic credentials, especially as they reflect on their area of expertise and setting development area.

Gaming experience – Publications if any, professional credits will be preferred over academic publication, Amateur publication will be preferred over board presences.

Real World Experience – can be used as a concurrent qualification for academic credentials, especially in matters relating to the area of expertise.

Resumes will be required. Resumes with verifiable references will be preferred over those that provide none.

Advisors / Playtesters are being sought for the following areas:

Political development – developing the political, diplomatic and interactions between the polities within the setting. polities political development, presentation and interaction. Diplomatic, Political Science or Political Management expertise is required.

Military Development – developing the military situation and issues within the setting. Examines the military elements of the plots, the setting and provides feedback. Military experience, or credentials in Military Science or private sector Military Consultation is required.

Economics Development – will examine and develop the economic paradigm used by the individual polities as well as how they interact among themselves as well as internally, with an emphasis on interdependency and trade. Economics expertise in either direct real world applications or Academic credentials is required.

Cultural Development- Will advise and assist in the development of the cultural elements of the various worlds and polities. Will provide input and provide continuity, nuances, and verisimilitude to the cultures of the setting. Expertise in the culture in question is required, languages are a plus. Seeking expertise in the following cultures: Chinese (or any pan-Asian culture) Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish or Central American, and African. Religious advisors in Islam, Christian, Jewish or New Age religions a plus.
Requires credentials in International Relations, demonstrable real world experience with the culture or Religious Studies.

Sciences Reality Checking and Development – will examine science and technological impact and effects in the setting. Will examine and provide feedback as reality checkers and provide feedback for scientific consistency. Expertise required in Planetary Sciences, Computer Sciences, Medical Technology and Science, Physics or Stellar Physics and Military Technology.

Anyone interested may PM me here or at the TAS-comstar boards

Bryan Gibson
Images Studio
Avenger Games