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Author Topic: Question on inspiration awards (and splitting, again)  (Read 8886 times)

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« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2006, 06:45:20 AM »

I ask because I can imagine an ugly scene (small s) developing as A and C tell B that they have clear memories and B shold just go with it, while B (who may be forgetful in his nature anyways) says that he's sorry, but he has no clear memory of that, so he does not feel confortable with the award.
Wow.  How long do your conflicts last anyway?  You're saying that when Player A says "Of course C was on the opposing side.  He hit me with that man-hole cover, remember?" you expect Player B to say "Well, I don't remember that, it was a long time ago"?

Well, we started one game at around 6PM, ended it around 8:30PM, we only had time to do one scene - so a few of the conflicts lasted around 2 1/2 hours I guess.  And we had 5-7 conflicts out.  And some of our members have a hard time remembering mechanically details - their mental powers are fully engaged (and in some cases, swamped) with trying to be narratively creative while remembering to dot i's and cross t's.

We do tend to need small time pauses as we figure out each action (or reaction) what we want to mechanically acomplish and how that can be narrartively implmeneted - some need more time than others.

But I've carefully checked the rules, and you're absolutely right.  The rules as written have no loophole for people who used to be on a side, but now aren't.  Apparently I have, on the rare occasions when this came up, cheated on my own rules.  That's a little embarrassing! :-)

So, to everyone who looked at me funny and said "Tony?  Are you sure that's the rules?"  You're right.  I'm wrong.  I stand corrected.

Wow.  That's the second significant "catch" I figure I have made (the first was on stealing another players third side.)  I must say, I feel gratified to have been helpful.

Anyway, on your #3 questions, which are much simpler now that I'm actually going by the rules, as opposed to my wooly-headed meanderings:

3a:  Player B is guaranteed one story token.  There are no rules for who should award it.  It's an oversight.  Figure it out amongst yourselves :-)

3b: No.  They're not on the losing side.

3c: No.  They're not on the losing side.

3d: No.  They're not on the losing side.

That helps.  Thanks.

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