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Hi! I'm an old RQ player who loath Greg for making this horrible HeroQuest and abandoning RuneQuest to the hands of Mongoose! ;-)

I am however, starting to realize that I could use some of the material published for HQ!

I've downloaded the "Glorantha, Introduction to the Hero Wars", and would like to get hold of "Thunder Rebels" and "Dragon Pass" too. Preferably as pdf-files. Does anyone know if there are any plans to sell the last two at rpgdrivethrough.com too?


Mike Holmes:

I don't know if they intend to do such, but somebody else may know better. What I can say is that you should be aware that you've arrived just in time for this forum to close any day now. Check the announcement thread for details of migration, in case you don't get an answer before it closes.


Erik Nolander:

I don't know whether Dragon Pass will be available as a PDF (it's not out of print AFAIK), but Thunder Rebels is already available from DriveThru: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=240&products_id=12433

Hope this helps,

Erik N

Great! Got the Thunder Rebels too now! But do they only sell books out of print as pdf's?


Erik Nolander:
Hi again,


But do they only sell books out of print as pdf's?

No, sorry, I phrased it a bit wrong*. I think the plan is for all HQ supplements to be available as pdf's sometime in the near future, but as to when I don't know. Rick Meints posted an announcement about the pdf's on the HeroQuest list back in July, but I believe Moon Design have also been busy getting ILH-2 and the upcoming Blood Over Gold published.

Erik N

*I missed your point about rather having it as pdf, you see... ;)


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