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Author Topic: HeroQuest forum policies - read here first  (Read 8849 times)
Ron Edwards
Global Moderator
Posts: 16490

« on: September 11, 2003, 02:09:39 PM »


Welcome to the Hero Quest forum at the Forge. Hero Quest's publication is arguably one of the most significant events in RPG history, and this forum offers a unique opportunity for discussing it. I hope our discourse can live up to the vision and potential of the game.

I'm the moderator. That means that I make all the final decisions - which threads must cease being posted to, which threads get split into separate threads, and so on. I do not delete others' posts under any circumstances (excepting accidental duplicates) and "banning" as practiced at other internet forums doesn't happen here. Those of you who  aren't very familiar with the Forge, spend some time in the general forums to get an idea of how we keep the need for such things to a minimum (one good thread to read about that, although it's a little convoluted, is The Forge as a community and internal links within it).

1. Etiquette here will follow the same basic standards at the general forums at the Forge, which you can read at the Forge etiquette (policy) sticky in the Site Discussion forum. The key concepts for dealing with one another here are intellectual rigor and mutual understanding. "Being right" comes second to these, always.

2. All judgments of etiquette rest with me. If you're irked at someone, do not retaliate. The correct solution is to alert me.

3. I'm taking it as given that, by posting here, you are either openly supportive of or willing to learn more about Hero Quest. That doesn't mean you have to love the game; you can even hate it ... but if that's the case, you still have to be willing to learn more. There's no place here for people who are posting for purely negative reasons.

4. No one is the Big Gloranthan Expert. I don't care if you sat by Greg's knee for the last eighteen years. I don't care if you playtested White Bear & Red Moon. I don't care if you were senior developer for Hero Quest. ... and here in this forum, no one is to care. Leave your ego at the door, and bring your expertise strictly for the purpose of helping others to enjoy and understand the game.

Well, that's it for now. This was kind of a stern post, but think of it as the threshold, or the sleepy look of the bouncer at the door of the bar. Inside, it's all about fun, courtesy, and good discussion.

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