Where to order HeroQuest from in Europe?

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I was wondering if anyone happens to know where I might order HeroQuest in Europe? I know I could order it from Warehouse23, but the shipping will be fairly expensive and I was hoping it was available somewhere else, but I can't find it. Alternatively, anyone selling their copy? :)

Mike Holmes:
I know some stores over there have it...I'm assuming you've checked and that no store nearby has it? Where are you located? In certain locations you can probably get your game store to order it from certain distributors there, I think.

But it sounds like you're looking for an online place to buy that ships from Europe? Maybe the guys at Tradetalk would know of a place if it exists (maybe they have copies)?



Erik Nolander:
Also, Leisure Games  (http://www.leisuregames.com) and Orc's Nest (http://www.orcsnest.com) in London, UK, have copies in stock (or so their websites say...). I believe they do mail order as well.

Erik N

Mike, I have indeed checked all local stores here. None of them carry it and only one can order it, but says it'll take months. I'm located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, but the size of the Netherlands being what it is I'm easily able to pick up a copy at a store anywhere in the country so long as they'd have it.

If I can buy it brick&mortar that'd be great, but it's unlikely, so I was indeed looking at online stores. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions, I'll look into them!

Mike Holmes:
Lesiure Games was the one that I'd heard by name as having it. But it looks like Erik's got it nailed for you with Orcsnest. I found it with a search for Issaries, and went through ordering it right up to paying. So it looks good to go.

Nice to know that this sort of option is open to folks over there. Looks like they even have copies of ILH-2 ready to ship!



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