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Avitars(The Pic you use to play with)

Started by stillaplaya, May 28, 2002, 09:03:48 AM

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My name is Dave and I will be opening a website dedicated to AV art and designing of talented people like you. A type of forum for designers can show off their really good work and a place for them to get ideas. Along the lines perhaps some contests and even a top twenty page of the best AV's selected by you. The site will also be a place for newbies to learn how to design their own av's and learn the codes as well. Would any of you like to donate AV's? It's totally voluntary and you can send it to me by e-mail along with your name or the name you wish to be called so that I can post it beside the AV. Also if any questions, please reach me. My e-mail is Thanx


Just to point out, this chap has also posted the same message to the main forum.

It appears to be spam.
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Just to point out, I am keeping track of the replys that I'm getting. Please, if think your designs are talented, I would like to post them on my site when it is up. If any other questions, you can contact me at my e-mail. Thankyou.

Ron Edwards

Hi Dave,

I might simply be the slow one in the room, but what is an AV?

The answer to this question will play a big role in helping me to decide what to do with this thread.


Henry Fitch

AV is, I believe, Avatar. Meaning the little pictures that people use in some forums. Stillaplaya seems to be under the impressions that this forum uses Avatars (it doesn't), that this is a forum where people actually play games (it isn't), and that this is an appropriate thread for RPG theory.
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Ron Edwards


In that case, Dave, if Henry is correct, then I'm pretty sure this isn't a good venue for you to offer your services or discuss your website. I do wish you good luck with it.

Anyone who's interested in what Dave is offering, go for it.