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[Werewolf] complete the mission! realistically! (GNS ?)

Started by David Berg, November 05, 2006, 02:25:56 AM

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Ricky Donato

Ron, could you post a link to Andreas' Gamism thread that you referred to? That would help me a lot in understanding this issue.
Ricky Donato

My first game in development, now writing first draft: Machiavelli

Ron Edwards

Hi there.

Fan-tastic ...

Here's the bit about the dotted line, which I'd drafted in response to one of the points in the orphan-post, complete with quote:

QuoteIt seems to me that CA as an emergent Group property of a bunch of Individuals sharing something can have any degree of coherence, from "pure" Incoherence to "pure" Nar or Gam or Sim. Is that correct?

To some degree, sure, with one important proviso: I think there's a dotted line in the middle of the "Coherence spectrum," which on one side means that shared fun isn't happening (and so play must rely on other kinds of glue like habits and jokes and whatever) and on the other means that it happens at least frequently enough to make play enjoyable for its own sake (i.e. better than an alternative activity at the moment).

Ricky, Frank linked to the thread about Andreas' Rifts game in his post on the first page of this thread.

Best, Ron