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Dogs on RPOL

Started by Andrew Cooper, November 21, 2006, 03:04:43 PM

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Andrew Cooper

Just for general consumption, I'm running a 3 player Dogs game over on RPOL.  RPOL is a bulletin board system developed to expedite Play by Post.  If you'd like to lurk or chat in the OOC threads I've created there, just request to join the game and I'll add you in.

As an observation, Dogs seems to do pretty well with asynchronus play.  Keeping up with the current dice and stuff is challenging but with a little organization it isn't too bad.  Our initiation scene went very well.  It'll be interesting to see how a conflict with multiple Dogs plays out with this medium.


Can you go into a bit more detail as to how RPOL helps with Play by Post?

It looks very much like a messageboard from the outside.



It is like normal message board but with some additional features like a dice roller and the possibility for the game master to set nine (or ten, can't remember) access levels to the threads in the game. There is also a character section for each character where you can have the character sheet, although in text format. The GM can also upload pictures like maps. I'm sure I left out some features, but the above is the features I found most useful when GM'ing and playing.

Andrew Cooper

Claes mentioned most of the stuff.  The designers of RPOL took basic forum functionality and added things that were useful to role-playing games.  For example, I (as the GM) can assign the players in my game into groups and then lock posting in certain threads to those groups.  That way if the part splits up I can start new threads and only the players in the relevant groups can post there.  Everyone can still read there.

Still, discussing the wonders of RPOL is probably outside the scope of this forum for Lumpley Games.  If you have more questions, feel free to PM me. 

As it is, I just wanted to let folks know that there was a Dogs game going on at RPOL and invite them to read about it or comment on it.