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[AP] Changelings & Cold Iron

Started by drnuncheon, January 18, 2007, 10:18:26 PM

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In this case the P in AP maybe stands for Prep, depending on how you view the setting creation part of things.  This was over in my LJ but I thought I'd throw it up here and see if it inspired anyone or was useful in some other way.

I called a couple of people to see if we could get some Pendragon going (we created characters last Saturday), but only one of them could make it. So instead, we hashed out a setting for Mortal Coil.

John kicked off wanting a Victorian/steampunk style campaign, so we had all the images of that in our head - workhouses, factories belching acid smog, a very dark feel. Somewhere in there we added fey creatures as the (only) source of magic, and everything proceeded from there: the city of Victoria, a human incursion into the lands of Faerie, taming the wild land with iron rails. Fey creatures chained with cold iron and forced to work in factories, producing enchanted goods. Streets lit by caged sprites. A rail baron who is fathering half-fey children and raising them to be loyal to him: his own personal cadre of magic-workers.

I was so proud of my players when they decided that rail baron was their father, because it really put them smack in the center of all the conflicts of the setting. The game is going to rock.

Tthe theme document is at my campaign wiki.

Brennan Taylor

This looks awesome!

One thing I've noticed about Mortal Coil writeups is that I always want to read fiction set in the game world. The creativity on display is always amazing. This one's definitely no exception.

Make sure you post more when you get a chance to play!