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Author Topic: [Dust in the Air] Fantasy-Steampunk in Developement  (Read 3792 times)
Qi Chin

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« Reply #15 on: February 11, 2007, 07:31:17 PM »

This idea just struck me while coming home from classes. I was thinking about how to best utilize and distribute plot points, when something occurred to me: plot points can be rewards for players! They can then use these plot points to either ask for scenes or adventure elements, or use them to improve their characters. In fact, I might even go a step further, and pool plot points with action points, allowing players to spend them to perform cinematic actions. Rename the whole thing into Story Points, and you have a simple resource that sums up what the game is about.
Players will then be able to earn these story points by advancing the story or the adventure. Even though it's only a single resource that needs to be managed, it allows for quite a bit of complexity. Should I spend my story points to make my character stronger, or save them to enhance my chances later? Or even generate an escape route out of tough situations?
The whole thing with the GM getting plot points to generate adventures is then unnecessary. I can still offer it for those groups who like the idea, otherwise they can play "traditional", where the GM just plans adventures beforehand.

How's this?


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