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Question: Talismans and Lightning

Started by Furious D, June 07, 2002, 05:17:47 PM

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Furious D

As Talismans do not add explicitly to sorcery pool, but instead provide bonus dice to casting a spell, is it safe to say that these dice are not necessarily spent by the lightning?  Could you, perhaps, use talisman dice to resist aging effects from casting the lightning?

The only reason a sorceror automatically ages when casting lightning is because the spell draws off his entire spell pool (leaving none to resist the effect).  Talismans provide dice to a spell, but are not actually a part of the spell pool.  It's kind of ambiguous.  What do you all think?


I like it and might allow it but I don't think its "rules legal".

Lance D. Allen

Sounds good to me, D. Unless Jake or The_Fey post a good reason why not, I'll probably use this as the rule in my own game... when I get it started.
~Lance Allen
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