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Time After Time

Started by 1337intellect, March 01, 2007, 07:55:41 PM

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I am looking for anyone willing to donate 3D models, music, programming, concepts, or anything related to my RPG, entitled: Time After Time. Time After Time is a sci-fi/fantasy RPG with a very different storyline.... If you want to learn more, PM me or visit my website: This is a game that takes place in a world of Anarchy, where time-travel and teleportation has cuased the space-time continuum to fray, creating a fantasy, futuristic, modern, medieval, sci-fi adventure RPG. Another important plot point: there is a governmental group, trying to bring order to this Anarchaic group, This is the Empire. This is creating a large number of terrorist attacks and widespread guerilla warfare, the most notable group of these is the Stronghold. The Crest of the Magi, a group of mages, are working to completely combine all of these universes and times, completely, so as to stabilize the state of order.... which many of the psionically gifted do not understand.... they only know that the demonic and angelic souls are pleased by the upset in the balance, considering that this gives them freedom to go as they please, without needing to be in one universe.... these spirits are very pleased, but may encourage certain individuals to allow the Crest of the Magi alone.... Those in this group are known as the Graceful Mind.
If you wish to submit any work, please use the email address listed on my website. Thank you to all those who are interested.... and I am more than willing to take criticism, as well as support....
Thanks again,


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