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[Fifth World] Artists needed!

Started by jefgodesky, March 21, 2007, 10:50:17 PM

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The Fifth World is a post-apocalyptic pseudo-utopian setting in a neo-tribal future four hundred years after civilization's collapse.  Right now we have an extraordinary crew of people working on this project--I have a degree in anthropology to make it realistic, we have a fellow who's worked on games for White Wolf and FASA, and a novelist all in the core team.  What we're missing, sorely, is artists.

The good news for artists is that our own inspiration came from an artistic project--Michael Green's "Afterculture."  Clint Hollingsworth's webcomic, "The Wandering Ones" also strikes a similar vein.

This is an open source RPG--the rules for the system, and even the canon of the setting, comes from a wiki at  Our migration to a new server, and a new theme, has been greatly delayed with technical problems, so please forgive the current appearance.  We would need art to match--meaning Creative Commons licensed.  You'll be free to sell and package your art any way you like, and of course, we'll be doing our level best to make an "Art of the Fifth World" collection an attractive offer.  We can also offer regular payment and/or profit-sharing.  If you're interested, get in touch with us!


Thanks to everyone who responded; there's a lot of talented artists here, and choosing which ones to work with proved pretty difficult, but it's a much better problem to have than our old one.