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Initiation Question

Started by Ben Lehman, April 09, 2007, 10:12:51 AM

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Ben Lehman

So I played a game last Friday and two of my players wanted to have their initiation conflict (I hope I punched the other guy out) be a player-versus-player affair, where they're using their dice against each other and the GM doesn't have any dice in it at all.  I did it, and it worked out okay, but I was wondering what's the word on doing that sort of thing generally?  Because I'm prone to try it again.


For new players, I'd keep it between the GM and the player.  Initiation is a tutorial that teaches how the conflict system works, and the GM can answer questions, suggest responses, and help out. 

I can't see any immediate problem with more seasoned players doing what you suggested.  It does speed up character creation, so I suppose there's that. 
Hi, my name is Jon.


Glendower, great answer. Better than I'd've given. Thank you!

I was one of the two players in Ben's game. I ruled at the time that it was not at all kosher according to the game designer, even though I was the player who wanted it. I also ruled that the game designer's a jerk and who cares what he thinks.


Ben Lehman

Jon --

As it happens, there was a new player, and we definitely did it by-the-book with her.  The fistfight was first, though, and I think it was useful in showing her how escalation worked, although I'd have to ask.

Vincent got me.  I was being sneaky.