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[Dogs in the Vineyard] Nauvoo Legion at Nerdly

Started by Jason Morningstar, May 07, 2007, 08:06:06 AM

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Quote from: foucalt on May 08, 2007, 08:31:15 AM
Interesting Fact #2: So then yesterday Clinton emailed me because in his initiation conflict we made up him converting and marrying a Native American woman. Clinton discovered that, in fact, one of Wild Bill Hickman's wives was a Shoshone woman named Margaret.

I'd wondered about that. I was talking to Clinton and couldn't remember for sure, but thought not. I did, however, know that it happened a lot. I have ever so many second cousins and the like that have First Nations blood.

QuoteI felt bad we had disrupted Brand's game until after, when he & Mo & the Cleavers talked to me about how fun our game sounded. That made me feel great.

Bah, it was only Carcasone. The first time you guys broke it was actually with the hymn. You were all signing and then Mo asked me what I was singing. Turns out that I'd started singing along with y'all and didn't even realize it. Hymns'll do that.
- Brand Robins


Duh! if i'd even thought about the fact that here, in the next room, is BRAND, i might've interrupted your game anyway to have you sing it too. Thats awesome that you started singing it too.
David Younce

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Now that I'm home and have the notes & character sheets handy, here's some more traits & such:

Wild Bill Hickman (Clinton)

I've killed a man for less 2d8
I've got 19 wives 2d4 (whoops, Hickman only had 9)
I know the Indian ways 1d6 (initiation conflict)
Brigham Young will forgive whatever I do 4d4 (at one point fallout changed this up to 4d10, then back to 4d4)
My reputation precedes me 1d4
I want to be a better man 1d6
Charming to women 1d6
My hands are God's hammers 1d10

Ellie Upton, my favorite wife 1d6
Porter Rockwell 1d8
Lot Smith 2d6
Jedediah Grant 1d8
Preston 1d6

Big sword 1d8
Consecrated oil 1d6
Twin pistols 2d6+1d4
Horse 1d6
Warm Indian Blanket 1d6

Orrin Porter Rockwell (Jason)
"No bullet or blade will harm you if you cut not your hair" 2d8
I will purge this land with blood 2d6
Hard living 2d6
I have doubt 1d6
I am the Prophet's Eye and Arm 2d8
I shall make the Devil step lively 2d6
Lot Smith 2d8
Wild Bill Hickman 1d10
Jedediah Grant 2d6
Brigham Young 4d4
Outlaws 1d4
Bishop Jensen 1d10
Sword 1d8
Beard 1d8
Pistol 1d6+1d4

Lot Smith (Andrew)
Better with Horses than people 1d8
My faith is my armor 1d10
You tell 'em, Porter 1d10
I'm not so good with words 3d4
Quote scripture 2d8
Once, I brought down a wild horse with my bare hands 1d10
Frostbite scars 1d6
Brother Preston is my nephew 1d8 => 1d4
Porter Rockwell 2d8
Jedediah Grant 2d6
Wild Bill 2d6
Sword 1d6
Excellent Horse 2d6+1d4

Jedediah Grant (Jeff)
"Through suffering will redemption be found" 3d6
"This land will be saved, or perish" 2d8
"My pain will not save your soul" 1d4
"All argument finds end in peace" 1d6
The Prophet 2d8
Wild Bill 4d8
Porter 4d6
Lot 1d10
The Church 3d10
Sword 1d6
Book of Mormon 2d8
Set of small knives 1d6
Vial of oil 1d6
Grey Horse - 'St. John' 2d6
25 ft. rope coil 1d6

Bishop Jensen:
I love this people more than you do 2d8
Dead Wife 2d10
This is my town, my stewardship 3d10
Jedediah 3d4

I want to be Porter Rockwell 3d8
Toughest kid in town 1d10
Alcohol 3d4
Uncle Lot 1d6
David Younce

dave dot younce at gmail dot com


Town Prep:

Pride: When Jed Grant came through town a few months ago preaching second baptism, Bishop Jensen remembered coming out on the plains with him. When his first wife lay dying by the side of the track, Jedediahs wagon rolled past without stopping. I don't need second baptism as much as he is; what's he doing here telling us about it? So when J.G. preached that, Bishop Jensen smiled and nodded and then told his congregation not to worry about it after Grant had gone.

Sin: When Preston was 18, 2 years ago, he was in Salt Lake when a Gentile man came through town on his way to California. Preston was bussing tables at Uncle Lot's establishment when Porter & this man drank shot after shot of whiskey and staggered out drunk. 2 weeks later a fine suit arrived from Back East for Porter. Preston has always wanted to be just like Porter, so when he came back to Moab, he took up the drink and started hanging with the wrong Indians trying to learn to be a mountain man. Now he's just the town drunk, getting meaner & meaner in an attempt to show everyone he's just as tough as old Porter Rockwell.

Demonic Attacks: Now, Moab's a desert, we all knew that when we got here. Still, the good Lord has seen to us, blessed us, tried us, and made us His. It hasn't rained since the day Jedediah Grant preached the second baptism to us. Bishop Jensen says it's because he cursed our wells, and that prayer and fasting will bring rain sure as night bringeth the moon

False Doctrine:  The stewardship of local leaders always supercedes that of the Prophet or any other leader up the chain because they know what is best here and now. The natural extension is: Fathers decide what is best in their families, and , Only I can tell what is sin for me.

Corrupt Worship/False Priesthood: Bishop Jensen is in charge here, God has said so. God's prophet makes decisions for the church, but more important than that is God's representative HERE, Bishop Jensen. We have seen him heal the sick by his power. He even has his own "Destroying Angel", Preston!

Murder: When Preston isn't too drunk, he does what B. Jensen tells him to, no matter what. Just like you, Porter, right? Just like you, Bill, right? So when Brother Matthew tried to tell us the Bishop was wrong, Brother Preston took care of it, didn't you, Pres?

Jensen wants: the Dogs to reign Preston in a bit. Jedediah to apologize for all those years ago, and ask Jensen to rebaptize him publicly, cementing his place as a prophet of these people.

Preston wants: the Dogs to induct him into the Nauvoo Legion. I've proven myself in this Podunk town; I'm ready for the Big Time!

Preston's widowed mother wants: Think's Lot's responsibility to her is to marry her and reign in the kid! (sadly, we never got to her in play)
David Younce

dave dot younce at gmail dot com


I tell you, this game made me so jealous, I wanted to crash the party.

The hymn was a big part of it, but the all the righteous pontificating that was being done up on the chairs kept making me made me punch Brand in the arm in excitement.

Very cool indeed.