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[Shock] Gerald is a boy / Annette is married

Started by Ron Edwards, May 11, 2007, 03:28:02 AM

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Hi Joshua,

It sounds like you're saying that a Protagonist _can_ be placed on a Shock that the player of that Protagonist occupies.

It also sounds like you're saying that the same Protagonist should _not_ be placed on an Issue that the player occupies.

Are both these correct?
- Alan

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Ron Edwards

I give up. Joshua, what you wrote as "I'm saying" "You're saying" are also incomprehensible to me. We need a translator or to be speaking in person, or something.

Best, Ron

Joshua A.C. Newman

Alan, that's correct.

Ron, fex nernum hobot pernanki hooho. Also, secondarily, lemme try again:

QuoteProcedurally, the key mechanics/rules impact of owning a Shock is that you should not play a Protagonist at a juncture with that particular Shock. (yes, there are some exceptions, if you really want to play a Protagonist and such a cell is the only one left, but again, my recommendation is simply not to permit it).

One such exception is common: when there is only one Shock and everyone is playing a Protagonist. It doesn't cause a problem because changing the Shock provides color and context, not a moral moving target like changing an Issue does.
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