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[Mortal Coil] Passions at zero

Started by RPL, May 28, 2007, 03:27:35 PM

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When a passion rating reaches zero does that passion still exist on the character sheet at that rating or does it completly disapear?

For instance my Hate: Demons passion reaches zero at some point and eventualy I want it to rise again, can I do this by in another conflict spend a passion token to invoke it (at +0 bonus) for the second time and then raising it as a result? If not how can I raise a passion that was lowered to zero?

Thanks for your help,

Diogo Curado

Brennan Taylor

Hi, Diogo!

A passion that is reduced to zero is removed from the character sheet. The only way to restore the passion is to buy it back like a new one: spend a passion token outside of a conflict and add the passion to your sheet at 1. Another passion will have to go down by one to do this.


Thank you for clearing that up for me.

All the best,

Diogo Curado


The rules state that you will have to raise a passion if you use it more than once. Is more than once in a session or just in general?


Brennan Taylor

More than once in a single session. You can use it in subsequent sessions, but as long as you only use it once per session, it will not change value.