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Author Topic: System in a Can Entries  (Read 5889 times)
Christian Liberg

Posts: 67

« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2007, 10:03:56 AM »

Hey Filip.

Im eagerly typing away at my game, and i will have it done soonish. So count me in on the compilation. On the feedback topic, this is my first game, which has ever come close to a playable demo. If it hadnt been for all of you guys fantastic input it wouldnt have, and for that i thank each and every one of you. so what do i mean? the feedback that you have already given me, have been more than sufficiently to through my thinking around more than once.

Should you ever decide to make another contest like this, im all in ( pun intended )

PS: as i said im still working on my game, and it will be done very soon, although propably no nifty graphics to show it off Sad
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