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Author Topic: Is there such a things as "a new method for combat?"  (Read 3474 times)
Hereward The Wake

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« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2007, 09:54:44 AM »

Thanks for the input. I am a WMA practitioner so understand from a similar point and hence my long term desire to get more "realism#" in game combat
My original question was was it possible to do something new with game combat. In that I meant breaking away from versions of the long established standrds. things in line with TROS or the Swashbuckler systems.

No offence but your system is along the lines of the norma; thing we fond in games. What you add is your experience from the SCA.

Since asking the question I have come to belive that it is largely irrelevent, In as much that there are only certain wasy of comeing at something like combat and it seems that most have those have been covered somewhere, ofcourse somthing else might come up but they all fall in to adaptations of the generall broad basic types.

It also doesn't really matter as as long as the system focuses on what we want from the situation and the players like it, soesn't really matter what it is.

Above all, Honour
Jonathan Waller
Secretary EHCG
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