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Gen Con post-mortem

Started by Jason Morningstar, August 22, 2007, 11:55:08 AM

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Robert Bohl

Michael, what about adapting some version of "Go Play" for the new GoD name? I happen to be down on acronyms right now, so I think something like The Go Play Center (but less sucky) would be good.
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Here's a celebratory post from GenCon--my favorite eavesdropping moment at the Forge booth.

I'm standing at the side of the booth at one of the game racks doing my usual spiel of asking attendees if they need help or have questions, etc. There is one guy in the "store" area. He's already told me he just wants to browse. So I'm standing there quietly, scanning for other potential customers, and Robin Laws comes by and starts talking to this guy. They obviously know each other and they talk a bit about the booth. At some point the other guy makes this comment, "This game, Perfect, makes me want to write again.".  I thought that was pretty cool.


p.s. I don't know the mystery guy. His badge was turned around the whole time.

Steve Segedy

In the same spirit as Julie's post, I recall having a particularly cool interaction with a customer (I was working the cash register when he was checking out with some games).  He mentioned that he was from Canada, and so it was a special effort for him to come to Gen Con and look for indie games.  That said, he was particularly impressed with the Forge booth this year, as everyone he met- ropers, demo-runners, retailers, and other booth folks- was super nice and welcoming to him. 

I think everything really clicked this year, starting with the booth layout and extending out to the attitude of everyone working there.  Folks were inviting, and engaged the attendees with enthusiasm but stopped short of the irritating hard-sell.  It may not have been the best sales year for everyone involved, but I think we should all consider it a success.
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