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Author Topic: [Dirty Secrets] Dirty Secrets errata and FAQs  (Read 2264 times)
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designer of Dirty Secrets

« on: May 26, 2009, 09:02:43 AM »

As you fine folks come across questions and errata, I'll put them here. Hopefully I'll remember to check this thread before the next edition.

Investigator has no dice going into the Finale

If the investigator has no dice going into the Finale, he should take a Reflection sequence before playing out the Finale.

Proposed rule tweak: Reflections

If an investigator has dice and calls for a Reflection sequence, he may choose not to refresh dice. This allows for aesthetically appropriate Reflections without sacrificing game position.


Seth Ben-Ezra
Dark Omen Games
producing Legends of Alyria, Dirty Secrets, A Flower for Mara
coming soon: Showdown
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