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Favorite things I've learned

Started by james_west, July 05, 2001, 03:41:00 PM

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Favorite things I've learned from reading this site:

(1) Facilitating the creation of good stories as an explicit design goal.
This is from the GNS discussions. Previously, I'd only thought of rules as either a support for mood and setting, or in terms of promoting verasimilitude. Facilitating a good story was the GM's job.

(2) Relationship mapping
This is from Soul of the Sorceror, and it's made a difference not only in the way I write scenarios but in the way I read books and look at real-world relationships. Very useful concept.

(3) Allowing players to introduce flashbacks and cut-scenes
This is mostly from Theatrix

(4) More generally, the explicit concept of actor/author/director as player stances, and the use of these to allow the players to move the story in directions that will increase their enjoyment of the game.
General discussions, brought into sharp focus by Elfs and SOAP.

(5) Introduction of thematic concerns in a systematic fashion in scenario and game design.
This is mostly from Sorceror, with very interesting ideas from Orkworld.

(6) Strong use of very nontraditional settings to allow the creation of the sorts of stories that would be impossible in "normal" games, but which are not so strange that people can't play them.
I'm thinking Little Fears, Orkworld, and many games that have been mentioned in the "Indie Design" forum.

(7) Highly structured but nontraditional order of resolution (Fortune in the Middle).
Hero Wars in particular, but others certainly qualify.

joshua neff


I'm with you, pal. & one more:

We've only just begun to tap into what we can do with RPGs & what RPGs can do with us. And how RPGs can be designed.

This is an exciting time for me. I'm more excited about RPGs (& DIY "indie punk" art & publishing) than I've ever been.

"You can't ignore a rain of toads!"--Mike Holmes

John Wick

I'm very glad Orkworld opened up options of play for you. That was the whole point: making people think about cliches.

And thanks for the plug. :wink:

Take care,
Carpe Deum,