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Author Topic: [Sorcerer & Sword] Gateway '07  (Read 11746 times)
Christopher Kubasik

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« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2007, 06:25:32 PM »

And Selene, Brendon, and Vasco, if you want to start talking about what character creation was like, or about the Demon Binding scenes, please do.  I was really happy with how all that turned out.

If you want you can focus on what created order for your ideas, what seemed confusing, where the fun was, and if there was too much rope given out for you to make choices. 



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Vasco Brown

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« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2007, 09:21:35 PM »

Hey CK!

As I said at the table, that S&S con game at Gateway was my first Sorcerer experience, and I greatly enjoyed it. I own Sorcerer, and that session really convinced that the book deserves a re-read for all the subtleties that were revealed in play.

At first when CK said we weren't going to rush towards any kind of conclusion before the end of the session I was a bit leery. But as things turned out, it allowed us to spend quality time developing the characters and Kickers, as well as really focus in on the character interactions. Both of which ended up being really enjoyable.

While the verbal description could have sufficed, the r-map that was set on the table, really helped me to get the lay of the situation and find a point to latch onto with my character.

That said, the single greatest impression I took away from the game was how interesting the characters we developed were. Not only did I feel emotionally and creatively invested in my character, I also genuinely empathized with the other players characters as well.

The other thing I learned? Don't underestimate the sacrifices made leading up to and resulting from the first Binding! Selene's character shattered a family heirloom sword, passed down through generations, in order to gain the power to live up to her heritage as a fearsome warrior-retainer. Brandon? His character branded his own face with the hand of the flame demon he was binding. This was particularly awesome since his motivation for summoning the demon was to gain revenge on the Oracle for humiliating him in front of the Princess and the entire court. Pride was thing he valued most, and to have it assuaged he was driven to mutilate himself and turn recluse in order to gather the necessary lore to exact retribution. Oh and the mark the burn left? The slave mark Old Ones used to brand their human cattle.


I mean, seriously, the Binding scenes were great. They were definitely the highlight of the session for me. They really drove home the human cost that our character's paid for their ambitions. In particular, during my Binding scene when CK asked me what I'd be sacrificing to summon the demon, I said "Vis, my adopted daughter and apprentice." He looked at me and said, "Ok, all the inhuman features of the Old Ones that made her outcast and identify with you? They're gone. She leaves you, and is soon married and raising a family." I was stunned. All I could say was "damn, you're right." As much as it sucked for my character, it just felt right. I love how the game sets things up for the Gm and players to develop tid-bits like that.

As far as things I had trouble with? Coming up with a good Kicker was tougher than I thought. We had to go back and forth on that a couple time, narrowing things down until the were powerfully immediate. But when we were done, I definitely think it helped to highlight the decision my character was making.

All in all, a really great game. I hope to play again with you all. Who knows, we might even find out what happens to Vann, Vornenn, Althea and the Eye of Kor.

Formerly known as Karasu.
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