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[DitV] Ninja Princess Usagi-chan Episode 2: Nani? Tears, Blood and Fur...

Started by Filip Luszczyk, October 16, 2007, 10:26:24 PM

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Filip Luszczyk

In fact, both Kamil and Magda were in a conflict with Kimura a session before, it wasn't the easiest conflict dice-wise, and I think I've been open that I gave up before tapping his every Trait. Also, I'm often explicit about the amounts of dice I have at my disposal. I believe I've been mentioning the numbers I'm left with every now and then, and this includes indicating the point when I effectively ran out of juice. I think they were informed about adversity levels well enough, but somehow things didn't click well.

So, I blame a bad day first and foremost :) Even despite the lack of non-verbal cues, which we tend to be rather careful about, such things don't happen in our games normally.

As for the investigation, it's tricky. Basically, I laid out most of the initial situation during the intro. There were some blank spaces left, but it was rather obvious who did what from the start, in most cases.

Now, Kamil worked with this information. In his case "investigating the town" largely boiled down to visiting the NPCs and confronting them, one way or another. Jacek, once I provided him with a general recap after the middle session seemed rather proactive as well, and he was pushing towards confrontations. In Magda's case, however, it was the opposite.

We've just finished a session of The Princes' Kingdom today, during which I had a chance to observe Magda from player's rather than GM's perspective. While I've been actively pushing for conflicts and moving straight to direct confrontations, she was quite passive and I felt like she was letting me define the course and just dragging behind. When I tried to step back and leave decisions to her, she didn't seem interested in making any in the first place. Likewise, it was hard to discuss things in-character, as I've been bouncing from a wall of indifference. Soon it became obvious to me that if I didn't drive the session myself, it would simply stop - so I had no choice but to continue pushing in my chosen direction, without the input of the other player. After the game I had this impression like she participated as a "tourist", following the tour and watching the scenery, but without any particular aim in mind.

Actually, I'm suspecting our general simulationist drift, but that's another matter. This seems to be a mainly problem of player's lacking proactivity (possibly, the absence of any real need to be proactive, in the first place).