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Started by SaintandSinner, January 02, 2008, 09:20:31 AM

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Hi (tried to email this but it bounced),
Sent payment through PayPal before the new year.  Still looking for a download link at the Forge Bookshelf.  Am I missing something?


Ron Edwards

Hi Scott,

I authorized your download on the same day you ordered. When you log into the Bookshelf, Trollbabe should appear as a link, not just text as it did before.

If that's not happening, then something went screwy. I'll double-check your authorization and re-do it if necessary.

Best, Ron


Thanks Ron,
All the links in the Bookshelf are coming up:  save "download.php"  rather than giving me a real link.  Also, I don't see a link for Trollbabe.  No hurry, just let me know when things are fixed.  Thanks again, Scott