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[Gods] Here, have the PDF

Started by Bret Gillan, January 20, 2008, 11:34:26 PM

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Bret Gillan

Hey guys. I've been working on a Gods hack/supplement for a long time, and I've pretty much lost interest in publishing it, so I thought I would throw it up here for you guys to see. I am open to feedback, and will probably come back and revise it. Let me know what you think.


Hey, shame you lost interest, but cheers for sharing. I am still intending to play this at some point (but I thought I'd ease my players in with normal Capes first).


Bret Gillan

I didn't lose interest in its design, playtesting, or creation! I just lost interest in trying to turn it into a book and a buck. :)


Very interesting!  Some questions and comments:

I assume that "No Gods" as part of an Age's Code means that Gods can't actually "show up" in a scene.  They can still use their Miraculous powers, right?  For myself, I think it would be reasonable in such an Age to say that Gods can still be "physically" present in scenes with each other, just not with Creations.  I mean, that's what the Trojan War was all *about*.

Is there any way to introduce more gods?  I mean, if you've only got three players, that's a bit thin.  To really create a mythology, you need gods having kids and grandkids all over the place.  Would such divine offspring still be Creations?  If so they wouldn't be able to be omnipresent like the "real" gods are.

Perhaps it would be permissible to create god characters apart from the "player gods", but they could only use their Miraculous powers if actually brought into a scene.  Formally speaking, they're omnipresent too, but for purposes of the story, they aren't involved unless someone brings them in.  I suppose this is technically no different from being a Creation, mechanics-wise, but the distinction is important to me.


Actually, I just thought of an important mechanical difference between "non-player gods" and Creations.  The former aren't subject to Metamorphosis.

Bret Gillan

Garth, you assume right, and that's exactly what the "No Gods" rule is emulating. The point where the Gods physically leave the realm, but still effect it from the distance.

I'd allow new Gods to be introduced in the way that additional characters are brought in to Capes. Pay a story token, write them up, and bring them in.